5 Realistic Reasons You’re Still Single

There are various reasons why you’re still single, some personal and others based on the fact that you absolutely adore the single life. Either way, don’t get discouraged if you really want to be in a relationship, instead try to pinpoint the reason why you’re not in one.

1. Hung Up On An Ex:

There are more times than not that you can’t stop thinking about an old lover which hinders you from putting yourself out there completely again. Sometimes the easiest way for you to get over someone is allowing yourself to find someone else that can just be as equally as great, if not even better for you. There isn’t a limit to all of the incredible people you can meet when dating, even if you don’t end up with every single one at that moment in time. There is a reason it didn’t work out with your ex so leave them in the past and open up the doors to new lovers and experiences.

2. Closed Minded:

If you’re too pessimistic when it comes to dating and giving people a chance, then you might as well marry yourself. Not everyone is going to be your favorite but you need to put yourself out there and not write everyone off that doesn’t fit into your schedule or type.

The more open minded you become, the more law of attraction and the universe will play a role in your love life, bringing you someone that is meant to be so you might not even be in the dating world for long.

3. Too Picky:

Sometimes your standards and checklists are a little too unrealistic, and no one will ever measure up to the sort of perfect being you are envisioning in your mind. That doesn’t mean you need to lower all standards, but you might want to give someone out of the ordinary a chance in trying to win you over. Not everyone will be picture perfect because you are sure as hell aren’t so it might be best if you get off your high horse and open yourself up to the incredible possibilities of the dating world.

4. Narcissistic:

Some people are just too in love with themselves to possibly like someone else. It’s hard for someone with these personality traits ever to keep a relationship because their partner is repulsed by the selfish and inconsiderate ways of a narcissist. It’s healthy to have a loving relationship with yourself, but if you’re too busy with me, myself and me, then you might not be leaving enough room in your life for an additional person to sweep you off your feet.

5. Too Busy:

Yes, there is such a thing as being too busy to add another person and demanding love life into the mix. If you have a successful job, great group of friends and functional relationship with your family you may not feel the need to rush into any relationship just for the sake of dating someone. When people get caught up in the routine way of their daily life, it can be hard to make room for new people, so you end up blowing off any dates or avoid flirting with anyone else because you see dating as time-consuming rather than an asset you value in your life.

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