5 Do’s And Don’ts To First Dates

First dates can be so nerve racking that you are even tempted not even to show up. The fear of rejection or flat out horror of what could happen have people running for the hills before a time is even set. Don’t you worry because I’m here to tell you all the things you can and can not do on your first date and then you’re just going to have to have a little faith in yourself to take it the rest of the way?

1. Do Show Up On Time:

There’s nothing ruder than being late and starting off the date to a rocky beginning. This comes across disrespectful because there’s a reason a particular time is usually set for a date and unless you notify the person in advance for running late there are no excuses for showing up way past the time. It gives off the impression that you’re not taking the date seriously and automatically dissing the other person.

2. Don’t Keep Checking Your Phone:

If you’re going to show up to the date, then you should probably be at the moment and put away all distractions. Unless you’re waiting for a life-threatening call, which you shouldn’t be at a first date anyways, then your phone should be put away the second you meet up with your date. Don’t keep track of the time and make your date uncomfortable by reaching for your phone every other minute when things get a little awkward. Dating means you have to talk to each other and use words so get off your phone and immerse yourself into some sort of conversation.

3. Do Ask Questions:

It’s important you actually ask your date about themselves instead of listing off all of the reasons you’re a great potential partner. Apparently, they think you’re attractive and eligible if they’re on a date with you, so try and be a little sincere by asking them about themselves. It’s all about giving and take so make sure you’re asking the same amount, or if not more questions so, you come off genuinely interested in figuring out who this person really is.

4. Don’t Talk About Controversial Things:

Stay away from uncomfortable topics like religion, politics, and ex’s because you’re headed straight for a disaster. Unless you established you agree on one of those things beforehand, it’s still a sketchy place to start off on a first date because you don’t want any lines to be crossed. There’s a slight chance you will bond over a particular topic but for the most part, try to keep the conversations to a minimum and as light as a feather.

5. Do Offer To Pay The Bill:

It doesn’t matter what gender should or shouldn’t pay the bill; both parties should reach for the bill and expect to pay their portion. Usually, someone will take the initiative and pay the entire thing, to which you should be appreciative, but don’t automatically assume that you deserve free dinner just because you’re a certain gender or were asked out on the date.

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