5 Tips For Gay Men Dating In The 21st Century

Dating is already a struggle in this century because even though you have so many people at your disposal from social media on online dating apps; you still have actually to meet up with them in real life.

It’s also a lot harder to stay committed with everyone in your business and the constant reminder that a hottie is about 1 mile from your current location.

1. Turn Off Notifications:

If you just so happen to walk around with your volume up and notifications on then you’re in for some awkward situations, especially when your date understands where that ding sound is coming from. Be considerate and turn off the notifications and sound when you’re on the date because no one wants to be reminded that the person they’re spending time with is also talking to multiple other people online.

Even if the case is the same for them, it doesn’t make anyone feel any better being reminded of that with little sounds dinging a new message or match so just shut the whole thing off while you’re at it.

2. Don’t Add-On Social Media:

As routine and natural it has become to add someone you’re talking to on social media before the first date, you probably shouldn’t do that just yet. There is room for error and a slight chance the date won’t go extremely well, so you’re faced with the uncomfortable decision of deleting them or not.

Instead just wait until the first date is over before making the next move on social media even though I highly recommend stalking, but adding them is a different story.

3. Be Prepared For Labels:

Today’s world is based on memes, slang words, and phrases that majority of people have no idea what they mean but they are still being used. Don’t be alarmed if you’re instantly labeled in the gay world with a new name that sounds offensive but is just an explanation of what kind of gay guy category you fit under.

Most of the time it turns out to be humorous and if you’re a little taken back try to throw a label name right back at them, proving you got the game yourself.

4. Keep Your Opinions To Yourself:

This one is a little tricky because there is a fine line in expressing who you are and what interests you to blatantly shoving your beliefs down your dates throat. Not everyone is going to have the same idol or viewpoints as you so don’t get worked up and offended if you have opposing beliefs.

Slowly but surely you can start to let your guard down, but dating is supposed to be fun so find out if you have chemistry first before diving into all of the intense stuff.

5. Foreplay Is Key:

This is where you establish if there can be passion behind the sexual attraction. There was obviously something there if you’re both in bed together but those moments before getting intimate where you share passionate kisses and get to know one another’s body is where a connection can be made.

So many people are in a hurry to get the party started instead of taking the time and dragging out the pleasure.  And if you’re looking to meet someone new tonight then you should try meetgays.com which makes it fast and free to meet single gay guys near you looking to mingle.

7 Worst First Date Ideas

First dates are already filled with nerves and assumptions, so the best thing you can do for yourself and potential lover is to have a stable place to spend your first moments together. If you just so happen to hit it off it will be a good story to tell instead of it being a disaster because you decided to do one of the things listed below.

1. Meeting The Family:

This should never happen on the first date or until you have established a solid foundation with your partner because meeting someone’s family is a big step in any relationship. A guarantee you will scare off your date in a heartbeat because although it might be nice to meet your sweet old granny, that’s not how things should go the first time you’re meeting or taking things to the next level.

You don’t want to make things move too fast so save the family drama for later and just enjoy getting to know the person on a normal level first.

2. Strip Club:

This is definitely out of the question, but it does happen where someone thinks this is a good idea. Well, it’s not and will make both parties feel uncomfortable unless you’re trying to take a stripper home with you by the end of the night. Separating a lustful night out with buddies should be completely different from a more meaningful night out with a potential partner.

3. Movies:

Always a go to but it doesn’t mean that it’s somewhere you should go. Especially if this is the first time meeting, sitting in a dark theater without talking for hours on end is probably one of the most awkward and boring things you could do.

Unless you think you could bond throughout this movie or it’s one of the genres you have in common, I suggest you put this off for maybe the second or third date where you can be a little more touchy-feely during it.

4. Hitting The Club:

There’s no way you can actually get to know someone if the music is blasting and everyone around you is hooking up. Usually, this is the place you meet someone before exchanging numbers and setting the first date. There’s really no reason to take someone to this sort of setting on the first date unless you just really want to show off your dance moves and try to get in their pants.

5. Funeral:

You would think this would be a given, but I beg to differ. There are some weird souls out there that politely ask their first date to accompany them to a family friend or distant relatives wake or “celebration of life, ” but that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea.

Obviously, it could put a damper on the entire date, but it will definitely make you both enjoy the present day knowing you’re still alive and kicking just might not be the right place to take an almost stranger.

6. Fast Food Place:

Wow, what a turnoff. Not saying you have to take someone to a five-star restaurant but there’s nothing romantic about a McDonald’s drive-thru or anything similar to that. Don’t even go out to eat if the dollar menu is all that you can afford for dinner.

As sweet as you may be, no one will be impressed with a meal deal menu so stay away from any fast food chain if you know what’s good for you.

7. Mall:

If you want to walk around somewhere to get to know someone aimlessly, chances are you shouldn’t be in a crowded place like this where people are shoving themselves into stores racking up their debt.

Try a place where there are beautiful scenery and a calming environment, so you’re not easily distracted or likely to bump into all of your worst nightmares.

Here’s a video about some of the worst date ideas!